DHST Treatment Center

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DHST Treatment Center specializes in DEMOR HotSpot Treatment in Newport Beach, CA. which compares to Myofascial Release Therapy for active and non-active individuals, isolating points, lines, and areas of discomfort and pain, targeting muscles, and applying pressure on “DEMOR HotSpots” (DHS) to release pressure, constrictions in tissue and restrictions in joints.

DEMOR HotSpots (DHS) is the result of discomfort and pain forming knotty, tangled, and twisted mess of tissue, producing scaring from :

Poor posture


Repetitive movements

Muscle trauma/injury

Although DEMOR HotSpot Treatment is often described or referred to as myofascial release, our principles are designed to treat and release  “demor hotspots” which produces dysfunction throughout the body.

What is DEMOR HotSpot Treatment?

DEMOR HotSpot Treatment (DHST) is a form of tissue resuscitation. By observing and treating the body from biomechanical and chemical processes, the focus is to explore, locate, is activate, treat all body tissue forms with varying compression levels for Enduring, Releasing, and Extending body tissue to restore natural tissue functioning.
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